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Redmond Herrity, who works from his home place of Letterkenny in County Donegal, Ireland,

Recycled Stone, Redmond’s most recent project, represents a conversation between past, present and future. Using stone, the most immutable of media, Redmond has fashioned a conversation among some of society’s most disposable items – the tins and plastics that we use and recycle – while recalling the ancient stories passed on to us across the millennia using the same medium. The ancients carved their gods, left as a story for the future. In this new project, at once playful and provocative, Redmond asks what we are leaving for the generations to come. Is disposable consumerism our god now? But while plastic rubbish takes away from the beauty of our natural surroundings, Redmond’s work in marble and limestone uses that organic and timeless material as a stark contrast to the damaging disposables it is used to represent.


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